Thursday, October 27, 2016

9 Ways To Decorating For Fall

Fall is one of the few times I go all out to decorate my home.  I've been inspired by Douglas Elliman's  Florida office to write a post on how to decorate for fall.  When I think about fall a few words come to mind:

Using this for inspiration I am going to help you get a few ideas on how you can implement this in your own home.

1.  Layers -
As the weather becomes cooler, a simple way to add warmth is to add layers.  I like to look to fashion for inspiration.   Why not add a sweater to your bedroom or living room?  Or a blanket scarf wrapped over the back of a chair?

 2.  Change -
Embracing change is something many of us struggle with.  But what better time to rearrange furniture   than fall?  Hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving often times means making more space for conversation.  By rearranging furniture you can add conversation areas where family and friends can gather.  Family and friends don't seem to all sit together.  Rather they group themselves.  This is a natural occurrence in any large group, so embrace it and help to gather in comfort.  As an added bonus, when you rearrange your furniture it also allows you the opportunity to do a deep cleaning before your guests arrive.

3.  Apples -
Is there anything better than hot apple cider?  One of my favorite things to do with my kids each year is to go apple picking.  We usually leave with a bushel apples and then the creativity begins.  I have made just about everything dish you can imagine with apples.  Pies, cider donuts,  stuffing, rice, chicken, pork, you've got the idea.  So what to do with all of the apples in the meantime?  I use them in decorating.  It adds a nice thought to fall tablescape.

4.  Pumpkins - 
Pumpkins are a great way to add the feel of fall to your home.  Because they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors they are an easy way to add texture and color.  Use them on your tablescape with your apples, place them on your coffee table, or dress up your front door.

5.  Color - 
When most people think of fall they think of brown, orange, and black.  But there is so much more.  For inspiration on color, look outdoors.  What colors catch your eye.  Muted tones like ivory, browns, teal, or pale yellow?  Or brilliant colors like orange, green, burgundy, blue, or sunflower yellow?  Adding a splash of color can warm your home.  I am not saying it's time to paint your walls or furniture, just add it in your accessories.

6.  Football - 
Is there anything better than football?  Honestly it's my favorite sport.  It doesn't matter if it's pee wee, high school, college, or professional.  So why not decorate your home with the game in mind?  What things make you think of comfort during the game?  Food is of course a staple, so make sure there is plenty of room on your coffee table.  Since the TV is the focal point, build off of it by facing your seating towards it.  Having the TV to one side of the room could lead to your guests leaving with a crick in their necks.  Leather couches in browns are reflective of a football and are ideal for furniture, plus it cleans easily.  Reclining couches are even better.  Use throw pillows in your teams colors.  Use a chalkboard to display the menu for the game, the season schedule, or to record your teams stats for the current game or season.  And let's not forget about Fantasy Football.  Make sure you have plenty of outlets available to charge your laptop or smart device.

7.  Cranberries - 
I am from Plymouth County, Massachusetts.  Home of the cranberry.  So I would be remiss to not use cranberries in my fall decorating.  Cranberries are great in a vase, apothecary jar, on a charger with candles, or just use their color for a pop.

8.  Family - 

Fall is one of my favorite times of year for family photos.  I display these pictures year round.  (I love them that much!)  Most likely your entire family will be around for Thanksgiving.  When they are, take advantage for this moment by taking a picture.  Since I work in the photography industry I can tell you our generation does not display their photos enough.  How many pictures have you taken that are now only available when you have a computer or your smart device?  Don't loose those memories, share them!  Framed pictures of your family add warmth to your home.  They take your house from a showroom to a home.  I have two from our fall session, two years ago, proudly displayed in our front entry.  Here are a few from our family shoot last week!

9.  Warmth - 
Snuggling is certainly a great way to stay warm in the fall.  Your decorating choices can also make your home feel warm.  The materials you use should be soft and comfortable.  The colors you choose should be inviting.  Warm tones include red, yellow, and orange.  (Cool tones include blue, green, and violet.)  Accents should also be comfortable.  I like to play with texture, burlap, faux fur, cotton, and over stuffed leather when paired together add depth and warmth.  I prefer to keep it monochromatic in shades of beige (which have a yellow undertone) so other accents like the apples, pumpkins, and cranberries can take center stage.  Nothing says warmth, literally, than your fireplace.  Whether wood burning or electric there is nothing more romantic than a roaring fire.  If you don't have a fireplace, candles work great to also set this mood.  What I love most about candles is the scent they give then they are burned.  The scents make your home more inviting.  Yankee Candle is my favorite brand, and they have so many fall scents.

Sweater Blanket from Pottery Barn
Sweater Blanket in Use from Decoist
Blanket Scarf on Chair by Finding Home Farms
Blanket Scarf by Target
Seating Areas by HGTV
Apple Tablescape by Four Generations One Roof
Pumpkin Candlesticks byFrog Prince Paperie
Pumpkins At Front Door by My Sisters Crazy Blog
Colorful Pumpkins in Livingroom by At Home
Sunflowers in Bud Vases by Ivy & Olive's
Football Livingroom by Havertys
Football Chalkboard by Wonderfully Made By Leslie
Cranberries with Candle
Cranberry Livingroom by Hoosier Homemade
Family Portraits by Berryphotos
Fireplace By The Bungalow Blog
Please Snuggle from Allyson Magda Photography
Candles by Yankee Candle

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